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NetSuite is an industry leading, cloud – based business management suite designed to improve efficiency & productivity within your organization.

About NetSuite

As a certified Oracle | NetSuite Solution Provider, our team has profound experience in implementing NetSuite ERP for a variety of businesses for CRM, Financials & eCommerce management.

Our team specializes in various functions including a full NetSuite implementation, optimization or providing support for further customizations.

Whether you’re just starting with NetSuite or need some help customizing its functionalities, ERP Buddies Inc. will be present with you at every step.

NetSuite in Detail

NetSuite is the industry leading cloud ERP management system that help business improve productivity while being cost effective.

With more than 19,000 customers operating from 200 different countries, NetSuite becomes the biggest provider to help organizations streamline their business.

NetSuite offers superior customization capabilities as per the business needs, some of them are: creating real – time dashboards to study graphical data, determining product demands, understanding inventory and shipping etc.

Our team of Experts have helped countless small, midmarket and big – scale organizations to achieve their goals through development, implementation and customization of NetSuite.

From planning the NetSuite implementation to providing support post the go-live stage, ERP Buddies Inc. will become a full solution provider for your NetSuite needs.


NOVATIC .JSC is an Oracle | NetSuite Solution Provider with teams based in Vietnam.

We believe that our Client’s pain points are the biggest source of information, therefore our ideology depends upon understanding their business which means, sending over our experts on – site on a weekly basis!

NetSuite ERP successfully streamlines various business functionalities to provide a unified work environment, ultimately giving you the competitive edge.

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