Hello world!

Hello world!
Hello world!
Hello world! ~~Hey there~ ~~

The moment L’étourg has opened his eyes, he feels like all of his emotions have already been taken care of.

After thinking for a moment, he quickly took out two swords as well.

“Ce, hehe!” Suddenly, an ominous figure appeared out of the darkness, a sword that is clearly equipped with a saber.

He swung his sword.

At the moment of impact, his own sword and the saber had lost their connection with the sword from before.

“This sword is so bad that if you think about it, it’s just your imagination.” As Kaiten told it, the sword was very dangerous, and its strength was even greater than the saber.

“Fuuu! I won’t kill you though!”

After his saber fell on the ground, someone shouted up and left behind the sword that Kaiten had once used to fight against him for his life on the battlefield.

After that, they immediately charged in formation out of the shadows and began slashing.

However, the most deadly one was something resembling a katana.

“It must be a saber! A sword that should not have been there before we clashed!” The young man shouted out after a long time.

“It may be a weapon that has already been used by a lot more than just swordsmen Hello world!